We are a multidisciplinary creative agency based in Paris.


We launch young start-ups and re-design big brands. We interweave strategy, communication, & design. We start with a client’s idea and don’t stop until the finished product.

We direct art — object design, graphic design, digital, image design, & advertising — tailored to each brand.


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case study

strategic planning

business goals

the idea


object design

graphic design


image design

From the spark of an idea, to the final product delivery.


— We work with a collective of innovators and creators, to enable the client to tailor the scope of design they deem useful to their brand.

Start-ups we've helped grow

— We help new ideas grow by defining brand DNAs and designing bold identities.

Businesses we’ve  worked for

— We aid companies connect to their audiences with daring creative ideas to create real returns.

The agency is located in the heart of the 10th arrondissement of the French capital.

Created in 2016 by Franco-American native, Kevin Benito Garcia, after graduating from universities Arts-Déco and Sciences Po in Paris. Originally an industrial design practice, we’ve now grown to encompass branding design as a whole.



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· 14 ave. Claude Vellefaux
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